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Minggu, 28 Oktober 2018

Rihlah Ilmiah Pesantren Quran Anamfal At America (Study Tour Gallery)

Pesantren Qur'an Anamfal is on Google Map/Earth Navigation @America. 

Santri Practices English Directly at Coffee Chats @America, Jakarta, Indonesia
Lobby of Pacific Place

In Front of @America, Pacific Place Jakarta 


A. Rozak, One of the Santri Studied American Art and Culture

Exploration of @America & Facilities

After Study Tour (Rihlah Ilmiah), back to Anamfal Pesantren is so Tired and Exciting Today

Santri Practice English with Americans 

Santri of Anamfal Pesantren with Native Speaker (Bule). Americans of German and Japanese Descent.

Santri Lunch Place. Simple but Delicious Because of Gratitude and Togetherness.
Santri Tries Google Map/Earth Navigation. There are Only 3 of These Tools in the World.

Youth of Sukabumi (West Java) Sells Food Around SCBD, Jakarta 
Consultation of Education in America at USA Education Corner

Pesantren Qur'an Anamfal

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