Gallery Study Tour Anamfal Pesantren at Korean Culture Center

Anamfal Santri in Sejong Room
Santri Anamfal Pesantren on Korean cultural and artistic exploration

One of the Korean language classes in Jakarta, Indonesia 
Intangible Cultural Heritage of Korea

Front of Korean Cultural Center, Jakarta-Indonesia 
Ikhsan, One of the Santri (Students of Islamic Boarding School) in Korean Class

Imagine the Summer of South Korea

Traditiona Matrass & Bag of Republic of Korea

Korean Traditional Mat Making Performance 
All Korean Books, Comics, DVDs, Films, Audio (Hangeul). Dominated byFemale Visitors

Santri of Anamfal Pesantren at Library of Korean Culture Center  
Santri in Korean Class

Santri Witnessed Carefully of Korean Traditional Mat Making Show 
Santri Witnessed Carefully of Korean Traditional Mat Making Show 2

Korean Culture and Art

Korean Culture and Art 2 
Korean Culture and Art 3

Korean Traditional Music Performances

Anamfal Pesantren with Mrs. Kim Li, Using Traditional Korean Clothes Beautiful 
Anamfal Pesantren with Friendly Korean People